Beardless and on The Brink

A day before beginning my first ever stint as a Writer-in-Residence, I shaved my beard. It has been 7 years, since I’ve seen my face, and He scared me! But, I feel refreshed, reborn, and ready to write.

I am back at the beautiful Wellstone in the Redwoods, this time alone, as Michelle is in Costa Rica hosting a retreat.


Based on an excerpt from a novel I am writing, I was accepted to an Emerging Writer’s Residency. I am thrilled to the gills!

I have been getting up every morning, writing, editing, reading, taking notes, building a book. Feeling like a real writer.

I am working on two projects simultaneously- a memoir about This Nomadic Year that Michelle and I are experiencing, and the aforementioned novel- a work of Speculative Fiction that I began writing in 2014.

Though running out of money, and technically living out of my car, I am inspired and fulfilled. Someday, hopefully, a book deal will happen, or an agent, or some much smaller victory like a short story in a lit magazine- but for now- I am content to be writing, feeling healthy and inspired.

Reading Don DeLillo, Elizabeth Gilbert, Gabriel Tallent, Kurt Vonnegut, Joan Didion, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Ernest Hemingway, Edith Hamilton, Mark O’Connell… so many great writers inspiring me today!

Oh, and there are baby goats…


….there are chickens and human babies too (not pictured).


Written by jasonscohen

Prior to writing this, Jason dreamed of becoming a self-actualized hipster. But, then he cut off his man-bun, and started blogging on his 40th birthday to make sense of the impending inauguration of Trump. He also paints and writes fiction. You can see his artwork and read his fiction blog at

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