Read More Chomsky

Michelle and I are back on the road. From Cali to D.C. to the suburbs of Philly… Next week, we will be driving cross-country (starting early Friday morning)! And will be in Asheville, then Nashville, (then Smashville)?

Though exciting at times, the nomadic lifestyle can also be stressful, and we are both trying to say positive.


Meanwhile, the Trump regime remains active; filling the swamp with more muck, creating general disorder and threatening worse.

Sometimes I get so angry and I spew anti-conservative hate speech (via my sharing of Lefty Facebook links), pissing off some of my Trump-supporting family members. How do I participate in healthy, bridge-building conversations, so this country does not go to Civil War? This keeps coming up in my circles of friends. We are all shouting into the liberal vacuum; Getting pats on the back from the like-minded.

Neo-liberal ideals have gotten too far into my head.

The truth is- I don’t know everything. None of us do. But there are some who have been doing the hard work of progressive critique for many years and we need to turn to them- now- for real solutions.


I loved Obama, but he did bail out the banks. And the Clintons introduced legislation that incarcerated many, many black men- many of whom committed the “crime” of having drugs on their possession- which I certainly could have been slammed for at some point. But, reading Breitbart and watching FOX News… is not helping anyone with the truth.

Everyone on both sides of the party lines can see the 1% has none of our backs, but we can’t seem to agree on the right path to take. Bernie wanted a socialist state- higher taxes- more government assistance- without fully explaining where all of the money would be coming from. Hillary wanted to keep all systems going status quo, while making incremental changes to social laws. And Trump wants to disrupt it all by dismantling the (severely inefficient) government- which I understand- but the way he’s doing it (putting a bunch of Corporate CEOs in every important post, then suggesting a 50 billion dollar increase in the military budget!) -not my idea of a more  progressive humanity.

So, how do we combine these ideologies, while throwing out their terrible ones, in order to create a system that actually benefits the greater good?

I don’t know the answers, other than read more Chomsky.

“I was never aware of any other option but to question everything.”

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