40 is the New Weird

Dear Friends,

Today I turned 40 years old. White hairs sprout out of my chin and a bit of pudge hangs over my belt, but otherwise I feel spry as a grasshopper.

My lovely wife Michelle has given me exactly the day I wanted: she drove us up to San Francisco so that I could commune with my fellows in recovery. We went to the new MOMA to see art (Chuck Close, you splatter my mind).

‘Agnes’ by Chuck Close

From there, we went bowling!

Have I mentioned that she bought us tickets to see Hamilton this summer? She framed my college diploma, which I had left lying around, recklessly, as if it were forgettable, and not a reminder of the best thing I ever did for myself. Oh friends, and there is even more to be grateful for. I am blessed.

Alas, shit’s about to get weird.

In twelve days from now, the Donald, a man who was unilaterally endorsed by white supremacists, will be sworn in as the leader of our great nation.

And so, though I have a shiny new degree in creative writing, and dream of writing novels starring gods and monsters, and spending my summers painting pictures of mountains and rivers, I have decided to derail all other creative projects for the time being- in order to write this blog.

White guys have fucked up this world for so long, and I can no longer spend so very much of my time creating and consuming distracting entertainment, while shutting my eyes and closing my ears to all of the dumb and terrible things that are happening to everybody else. It is time for my art to engage with the issues.

At my alma mater, UC Santa Cruz, I took a literature class called White Flown, in which we treated “whiteness” academically, picking it apart, until slowly, book by book, lecture by lecture, I began to awaken to the way things are. And, I saw how blind I had been. How privileged. How safe.

So, I have decided to start a blog about being a liberal white guy in the Trump era. To join in the bigger conversations. To learn. To wake up.

I’m going to try my best not to be just another liberal voice shouting into a liberal vacuum. I’m interested in having a dialogue and using this blog as a place to exchange ideas. I invite those who hold different perspectives from my own to comment and engage. Maybe we can learn together.

While there has been upheaval on a political level, my personal life is about to change too.

Last night I left my job as a waiter after working in restaurants for most of my adult life. Michelle and I are putting our stuff into storage next week and we aren’t yet sure where we ‘re going next. And did I mention that these long white hairs keep growing on my face?

Like I said, shit’s about to get weird.



1 comment

  1. Good luck Jason!! I truly hope your eyes are open. Don’t forget-There are 3 sides to every situation! It’s not always black and white. Everything is a learning experience.
    One white hair? Hah! I can’t even count the ones on my head.


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